From different islands in Indonesia

Who are well acclaimed for their coffee

Come the most exclusive
Indonesian coffee in the world

Join us in experiencing the
finest coffee you will ever taste

Coffee Kopi Luwak


Luwak Star, the Very Best of Luwak Coffee

Luwak Star was founded in early 2011 by Fenche Shen to import luwak coffee, which is the world’s rarest and tastiest coffee, to the United States. Luwak coffee beans are cultivated in Indonesia. Since Ms. Shen was born and raised in Indonesia, Luwak Star also has a social policy of supporting local Indonesian agriculture. The coffee’s rich and aromatic flavors come from the careful cultivation and preparation process of its coffee beans. Luwak Star offers several blends of luwak coffee that come from different regions of Indonesia.

Sustainability and Fair Trade

Luwak Star is currently working on getting fair trade certified and is working with organic and fair trade certified luwak coffee producers. Luwak Star is working to help empower formers to get fair prices for their harvests, create safe working environments for their workers and give the farmers and their families better standards of living.

Luwak Star Coffee – “To Die For”

Don’t take it from Luwak Star, but take it from Hollywood. Luwak coffee was actually featured in the movie “The Bucket List”, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, so the coffee is almost in a literal sense “to die for”. Luwak Star procures only the very best luwak coffee and encourages you to put “enjoying luwak coffee” on your “must do” list.